The Arab countries and the countries neighboring Turkey knew the value and importance of Turkish products, so that during the last two decades, Turkey turned into an export center that feeds both Europe, the Arab region, and the countries of the eastern Black Sea, with thousands of diverse products.
Starting from vegetables, fruits, grains, clothing, textiles, luxury carpets, and many different types of machinery, home electricals, furnishings, and medicines… all the way to cars, and hundreds or perhaps thousands of other products that were not late in gaining the satisfaction of global markets.
Starting from the Arab world to Europe, North America and South America.
Wholesale trade from Turkey reached the height of its activity after the global markets were affected by the Corona crisis, which disrupted the global shipping system, and raised its prices exponentially, which prompted the trade movement to search for alternatives to the Chinese markets that were affected by the shipping crisis, and replace them with Turkish products with good prices, competitive quality, and low costs. Shipping accepted.
The most famous wholesale markets in Türkiye:
To make it easier for the merchant to purchase in Turkey, he must familiarize himself with some wholesale markets or consult specialized experts to complete the commercial process and help in obtaining the best prices.
Here, the Globinia team advises you to contact us and provide the necessary assistance before starting the purchasing process, due to the presence of specialists and experts in the Turkish markets, who are also trustworthy by customers.
We will mention to you some of the most famous markets that depend on wholesale sales in Türkiye, especially Istanbul:
First: Clothing and textile markets in Istanbul:
One of the most prominent industries that distinguish Turkey and its people is textile knitting and clothing factories, which swept the world several years ago, even competing with some international brands due to their high quality, which are considered of high value, especially for the countries of the Arab world, as they were the best choice for wholesale traders due to their High quality and low prices.
Here we mention some wholesale markets for clothing and textiles:
The most important of them is the Martre Market:
It is one of the largest clothing markets in Istanbul, which includes many wholesale stores for clothes, bags, and shoes. You can agree with one of the stores and then go to one of the shipping companies to agree with them in order to ship your goods in the most appropriate way.
There are also Zeytinburnu Markets, which is an area adjacent to the Merter Markets and is the second largest wholesale clothing market in Istanbul, as it is full of stores and shopping centers dedicated to wholesale sales.
Second: Furniture and carpet market:
As for carpets, textiles, rugs, and similar types, the Masco Industrial City market may be one of the most important markets in which one can think about benefiting from its good offers for wholesale trade, as the Masco market in Basaksehir is classified as the largest market for selling furniture in all of Europe.
Third: Food product markets:
Turkey is distinguished by its agriculture and export of fruits and vegetables, as well as feeding factories that manufacture canned goods from legumes, sauces, etc., as well as fruit drying factories, as Turkey is famous for exporting them to all parts of the world. The most famous food markets are Rami Markets, located in Istanbul, the Shahintepe area, near the Basaksehir area. .
Istoç Wholesale Trade Markets:

(İstoç) Fourth/
One of the most famous and largest various wholesale markets in the city of Istanbul, which is located in the Mahmutbey area within the municipality of Bagcilar.

The most important industrial regions in Türkiye:

Some Turkish cities have giant industrial areas that include many huge factories, the most famous of which are:

Itsop Industrial Area:
It is located on the Asian side of Istanbul and is among the largest industrial areas. It is located near Sabiha International Airport.
This industrial city includes a group of factories with various specializations, such as: chemical products factories, household appliances factories, machinery, iron and electrical factories, paper factories and printing presses, furniture and upholstery factories, medical supplies factories, textiles, sports supplies, and others. That is, it includes many local industries that carry standards for exporting abroad.
USP Industrial City:
It is located in the city of Sakarya, near Istanbul.
The region includes several important factories, the most prominent of which are: metal factories, machinery, building materials, and plastic factories, in addition to pharmaceutical and medical supplies factories, household appliances factories, and others.
Tusab Industrial Area:
Which specializes in the field of knitting and various textiles, and the manufacture of carpets, curtains, threads, fabrics and bags, and is located in the city of Bursa, near Istanbul.
Organiza Industrial Zone:

It is located in the city of Kayseri, which is famous for its furniture and furnishings industry.

Here we have provided you with some information that you may need when you visit Turkey or want to buy goods in bulk, as we mentioned the most famous areas that you can go to for trade.