Real estate investment sector

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Real Estate Marketing

GLOBINYA works with most Turkish construction companies in all Turkish provinces, and the company has general or exclusive marketing agreements. GLOBINYA is distinguished by its work team that provides the necessary consultations to customers before making purchasing decisions. The company and its work team are also distinguished in real estate marketing by following up on their services, especially after-sales services, and comparing how its customers obtain… Turkish citizenship, real estate residency, or follow-up of their properties through the department responsible for property management.

real estate development

At GLOBINYA, we work to provide an integrated package of building and construction solutions and prepare construction studies and plans in partnership with the largest specialized Turkish construction companies and through real estate investment portfolios. We always strive to set new standards in terms of designs and distinguished lifestyle in residential projects to provide, with our partners, to all clients from all over the world a style A new and unique life. GLOBINIYA constantly seeks to develop integrated residential communities with its facilities and consulting services, allowing its clients and owners to achieve rewarding investment returns.

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